To deposit funds into your trading account, follow the steps below:

 Before proceeding with your deposit, please ensure that you have successfully completed the identity verification process.
  Access the Deposit Funds Section:

  • Locate the "Deposit Funds" option in the left-hand side taskbar and click/tap on it.

 Choose Your Preferred Cryptocurrency:

  • Select the cryptocurrency you intend to deposit, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

  • Take advantage of the newly introduced feature that enables direct deposits into your trading account. Simply click/tap on the "platform" button under the Add Money To section.

 Specify the Deposit Amount:

  • Enter the desired amount you wish to deposit into the provided field.

Proceed to the Payments Page:

  • Once you have entered the deposit amount, click/tap the "Go to Payment" button.

Complete the Transaction:

  • Open your cryptocurrency wallet (e.g., Bitcoin wallet) and initiate the transfer to the wallet address provided by Nash Markets.

  • Ensure that you designate Nash Markets' wallet address as the recipient in your cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Please note that each cryptocurrency operates on its own network, so it's crucial to utilize the appropriate network for the cryptocurrency you are depositing.

Important Information:

  • To maintain security, we recommend refraining from saving the wallet addresses provided by Nash Markets.

  • Once a transaction is processed through the cryptocurrency network, it cannot be canceled or reversed. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly review the details before proceeding.

  • Cryptocurrency deposits require confirmation from the respective platform, which typically takes 3-6 confirmations (approximately 1-3 hours).

  • If the confirmation process exceeds the specified timeframe or if you encounter any issues with the payment, please reach out to [email protected] for prompt assistance.