Imagine a scenario where a Money Manager oversees a PAMM Fund with two Investors, each contributing $10,000. Suppose one of the Investors decides to withdraw their portion of the funds while the Money Manager still has open positions. 

During the rollover process and the subsequent withdrawal execution, if the remaining funds are insufficient to support the ongoing positions, those positions will be terminated. 

By enabling this feature, the positions will gradually close their lots based on the remaining share of funds. 

Practical example: 

Given that the Investor withdrew 50% of the PAMM Fund, if the Money Manager was trading with 10 lots, the position would be halved, automatically reducing it to 5 lots. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature: 


Access the PAMM Fund. 


Open the Edit section of the PAMM Fund by clicking on the three dots. 


Enable the option to partially close positions before executing withdrawal requests.