PAMM Managers do not receive profits from trades made within an Investment Fund but can benefit from fees set within the Fund. 

As a PAMM Manager, you can withdraw fees from Investment Funds based on the fees you have set in your Offers to Investors or if you are an Investor yourself. 

Here is how to withdraw your Offer Fees: 


Click on the three dots and choose the "Withdraw" option.


Enter the desired amount and click the "Withdraw" button. 

The withdrawn fees will be available in your PAMM Manager account. You can transfer them to your Vital Markets account through an Internal Transfer. 

How to automate this process: 

To prevent your funds from entering the pool of funds, you can enable the automatic withdrawal of fees by following these steps: 

Click on the three dots and select "Edit". 

Check the box that says "Automatically Withdraw Fees." This feature will ensure that any fees are sent directly to your Manager account!