To view the ongoing trades executed by the Money Manager, investors can log in to their Money Manager's MetaTrader account. They will need to obtain the MetaTrader account number and Investor password from your Money Manager. The Money Manager will have this account information when they create their Fund. 

Keep in mind that these credentials will only work on the specific platform where the account was created. For example, if the account was created on MT4, you cannot use the same credentials to log into the MT5 platform. 

Now, let's see the process you must follow: 


Open the MetaTrader platform. 

Click on the "File" tab. 

Select "Login to Trade Account." 


Enter the Account Number and the Investor Password provided by the Money Manager.

Choose the Server: NashMarkets-Live4 (ensure it is the correct server for live trading). 

Click on "Login" 



You can now access the trades by clicking on the "Trade" tab located 

at the bottom of the MetaTrader platform.