Setting an offer is crucial for money managers as it represents the fee they charge for trading on behalf of investors. When establishing a Fund, there is a default offer in place with no fees. To apply your own charges, you need to create a customized offer. 

By following these steps, you can successfully set an offer for PAMM investors in your fund:


Access the Money Managers section in your PAMM Dashboard and click on your fund.


Select the Offers section and click on the "Create" button.


You will have to add a name to your Offer in the first field. 

You can choose to make your fund either Public or Private by clicking on the box. 


Select the frequency of the offer charge: daily, weekly, monthly, or roll over. For example, if you opt for a weekly charge, you have to select 1 as the Trading Interval and "Weeks".


Choose the Min Deposit (minimum amount of money that can be located 

into a PAMM account at a time.)

Choose the Min Withdrawal (minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from a PAMM account at a time). Does not apply to investor account liquidation.

Choose the Min Initial Investment (minimum amount of initial investment 

to join the PAMM account.)


In the Performance Fees section, you can create charges based 

on a percentage of the generated profit. This section may also have tiers. 

In the example below, investors will be charged $40 for a profit return of 0-20%. For a profit return of 20% or higher, the charge increases to $100. 


The Management Fee is a fixed fee for fund handling and is not tied to performance. This fee depends on the investor's equity in the fund and can also have tiers.

 You have the option to charge a percentage or a specific monetary amount. 

For example, if the investor deposits $0-300, a $50 fee is required. If the deposit is $300 or more, the fee decreases to $20. 

It is advisable to reduce the fee in tiers to incentivize investors to deposit larger amounts. 


Deposit Fees are charges applied to additional deposits made after the initial investment.

 It is important not to confuse this with the Management Fee, which is based on the initial deposit. Deposit Fees can also have tiers. 

In the provided example, deposits of $0-500 incur a 15% fee, while deposits over $500 require a 5% fee. 


Once you have completed the necessary details, click on the "Create" button.