About PAMM Money Managers

  • Currently, PAMM Money Managers cannot decline deposits or withdrawals from their accounts. However, this feature may be available on the PAMM System in the future.

  • There can be only one PAMM Money Manager account registered, however the Money Manager can create an unlimited number of PAMM Funds

  • Money Manager accounts allow users to manage their investments, but are not trading accounts. A PAMM Fund must first be established before trading can be done or payments can be made. 

  • Money Managers must log in to MetaTrader using NashMarkets-Live as the server and the Account ID and Trader Password of the PAMM Fund in order to start trading.


  • USD is the only currency accepted for PAMM Money Manager accounts. 

  • PAMM Money Managers have the possibility to create a PAMM Investor account and invest in their own PAMM Fund.

About PAMM Funds


  • EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, BTC are the currencies accepted for creating PAMM Funds.

  • To execute trades, the PAMM Manager logs in with the PAMM Fund account credentials (Account ID and Trader Password). Upon the creation of the PAMM Fund Account, these credentials are sent via email. 

About a Default Order

  • Once a Fund Account is created, the system automatically generates a "Default Offer". This Offer is considered as invalid, and there are no fixed expenses. 

  • PAMM Investors can still participate in this offer if no changes are made. As a Money Manager, it is your duty to instantly modify it or create a new Default Offer.

  • Once an investor joins an offer, the offer cannot be changed for that investor. However, Money Managers can modify the offer for investors who join in the future. 

  • If an investor has already joined your Default Offer, you have two options: 

    1. Set the Offer to Private to prevent additional investors from participating (this will not remove the investor who has already joined). 

    2. Create a completely new PAMM Fund with a new offer. 

About Setting an Offer

  • Money Managers can create offers with different fees in order to receive compensation even if they do not generate profits from trades made in their PAMM Fund.

  • The fees associated with an offer include: 

    1. Performance Fee: A fee for the Money Manager's expertise and trading experience. 

    2. Management Fee: A fee for the handling and management of the funds. 

    3. Deposit Fee: A fee for each deposit made into the fund. 

  • For more information on how to set up an Offer, please click here.

  • Money Managers have the option to apply all the above-mentioned fees or only select a few.