A PAMM Investor is a person or business that trusts a professional portfolio manager - or PAMM Money Manager - with the management of their money.   

How do I create a PAMM Investor Account? 

To create a PAMM Investor account, follow the same process as creating a Live or Demo MetaTrader account. Navigate to the Accounts tab, select PAMM Investor as the account type, and choose the currency for your account. Please be aware that this account may only be created once. For more information, visit our step-by-step guide.  

Which credentials should I use for my PAMM Investor account? 

When asked to insert credentials, use the Trader password instead of the Investor password. You can find your credentials in the email you received after creating your Investor account. 

How do I begin investing in a PAMM fund?


First transfer funds to your PAMM Investor account: click on our step-by-step guide


Access the Investor account by clicking on the widget and selecting the 

“Register an Investor Account” button.  


You will see a list of available Funds created by individual Money Managers. Click the “Join” button to invest in a Fund of your choice. 



Review the Fund's offer carefully, enter your Investor account ID and trader password, and wait for the Money Manager to accept your request within 24 hours.  

PAMM Investors can invest in as many Funds as they want.  

How can I make a deposit or withdrawal from a PAMM Fund?  

To add or remove funds from a PAMM Fund, navigate to the Fund in question and select the Deposit or Withdraw option. Insert the required amount and wait for approval within the next 7 days. 

How do I leave a PAMM Fund? 

Navigate to the Fund and click the three dots to cancel a PAMM. To withdraw your share from the Fund and transfer it to your Investor account, use the "Close Account" option.