Firstly, start by downloading MetaTrader. To do so, click here. Big Sur is the only compatible version with MetaTrader for MAC.

To start installing the software, drag the icon to the Applications folder or a folder of your choice.

Once this has been done, a pop-up box confirming if you would like to open MetaTrader will appear. Proceed with opening the application.

Another pop-up box may appear, advising you to download Wine Gecko Installer. Click on install to continue the MetaTrader download.

When Wine Gecko Installer has been applied, MetaTrader will now appear on your screen. To be able to log in to a live trading account, you will need to first search for our server by clicking on the + icon.

Search for NashMarkets-Live to connect to our Live server or NashMarkets-Demo to connect to our Demo server.

After selecting your server, Select Existing Trade Account and enter your trading account's details. The details have been sent to you via email when creating the account. Ensure that you enter your trader password and not your investor password.

Allow a few minutes for your account to load. If your details are correct, you will be connected to our server and will be able to place a trade.