When you are going through the KYC verification process, there is an option if you are on a computer/desktop so you can continue the process on your tablet/mobile phone.

Below you will find how to download a QR scanner if you are on an Android device or iOS device.


All you need to do is point the camera at the QR code and it should automatically detect that you are scanning a QR Code and open it and continue the process.

If you need to download a 3rd-party application:

You can type QR in the search box when you open the Apple Store.

Choose a scanner to install then open the application.

Once you have the program installed, you just need to open it and when it comes to scanning the QR Code, the screen on your phone should look similar to the below picture. The screen will differ depending on the app you are using.

You will then just need to hold your camera up to the screen, scan the QR code and open the link when it comes up on your mobile/tablet device.