Bear in mind that 2FA is a mandatory requirement on your account. 

If you need to disable Two-Factor authentication, you will need to enable it on another device or use a different method. 

The following are the steps to have to follow:

1. Tap on Settings

2. Tap on the toggle of the method you used to enable the 2FA.

3. Enter the 6-digit verification code that you recieved.

4. Click on the Disable 2FA button. 

You can see the process for each method in the images bellow:

Disable 2FA via SMS


Disable 2FA via Authenticator App

Disable 2FA via Email

If you have lost your Authenticator app or cannot receive your code anymore:

  1. Start a Live Chat on ""
  2. Let them know you do not have access to your account and that you have lost your Authenticator app