The below fees are based on 1 lot (100k units);

Standard: 8 USD
Pro: 13USD
Var: 0 USD
Mini: 4 USD

Standard: 8 EUR
Pro: 13EUR
Var: 0 EUR
Mini: 4 EUR

Standard: 8 GBP
Pro: 13GBP
Var: 0 GBP
Mini: 4 GBP

Standard: 8 CAD
Pro: 13 CAD
Var: 0 CAD
Mini: 4 CAD

Standard: 8 AUD
Pro: 13 AUD
Var: 0 AUD
Mini: 4 AUD
Standard: 1500 BIT
Pro: 1500 BIT
Var: 0 BIT
Mini: 15 BIT

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We are constantly reviewing our commission fees and the above may be subject to change.